Wednesday, June 4, 2014

RIP Mac.....

I have sad news to report...

The MacBook that 've loved and relied on for years has officially kicked the bucket.

I just want to cry. I know I shouldn't feel sad, after all it's only a computer and it's had a really long life. But I am sad. I've had that laptop since 2006 and therefore have eight years of my life stored up on that sucker. It's become like a part of me. An extension of my thoughts and feelings.

Honestly, I feel quite emotional about the whole thing. I mean, I wrote my first two books on that laptop. Roan and Aspen came to life on that screen. I wrote this very blog on my laptop. For 8 years.

And now it's gone.

sniff. sniff :(

Okay, moving on while I continue to wallow in misery....

I have spent much of my day at the gym and then once I got home and discovered that my Mac was dead, I've been trying to recover my third book that's saved on it.


I swear to god, if I lose that book, I am going to lose my freaking mind.