Thursday, February 20, 2014

Seduction Book 2 Release Date Announcement.......

I thought that you might all like to know that I am DONE the second edit of Seduction Book 2. Hopefully you are happy about it, because I know that I'm pretty darn excited.

But, the big question still remains, doesn't it? Let's all say it in unison, shall we?

"When is it going to be published?"

Before I reveal that closely guarded secret, let me tell you what still has to be accomplished before Seduction Book 2 sees the light of day.

Now that the second edit is done, I need to start reading. And then re-reading until I am so damn sick of my own words that I feel like feeding the hard copy to the dog. Seriously. Then comes the beta readers. I never used beta readers for Temptation and part of me wishes that I had as some of you were quite unhappy with Roan and the fact that Aspen was 16yrs old. All I can say to that is, don't shoot the messenger. I just write, the characters tell me the story.

If you need someone to point your finger at, I guess I'll blame it on Roan. But only because he's the bossy one and gives me a harder time. Aspen is just as guilty as he is but she's cute and smiles more often. But tell me, how can I possibly resist Roan's black, silky words whispered so seductively in my ear?

It's near impossible, I tell you!

Don't tell him though, as his ego is big enough for two Weres, but I must admit that I find Roan kind of irresistible. Sorry :P

But I digress, once my beta readers are done tearing my book to shreds and making me cry, I need to send it off to be formatted and prettied up. While that is going on, I need to write my dedication, author message, a long book description and a short book description.

When I get the book back, I need to make sure that it looks good on Kindle, IPad, IPhone, etc.
And we haven't even talked about blog tours or marketing.

So, *big breath* I am formally announcing that Seduction Book 2 will be published on April 1st, 2014. Yes, I realise that this also happens to be April Fools day, but I assure you, this is no joke. I'm not that cruel ;)