Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Devilish eyes and a cocky swagger....

"If this were a face to face conversation, I firmly believe that it would be time to stuff your panties down your throat, bind your arms, and politely explain to you that it is not good protocol for submissive tarts to poke and agitate their Dominants into doing bad things to them."
                                                                            ~Tarrah Betts 2008

Ahh erotica, my first love.

I am thinking of branching out and writing some again. I have several plot outlines floating around in my head and any one of them could be tailored to erotica.

Last week, I actually started writing the first half of a chapter for a character that's been whispering in my ear for quite some time.

Of course, that was just "fun" writing as my primary passion/love/attention is for the Temptation series. I'm in it until Roan and Aspen are done with me.
As of now, I am currently halfway through the second edit. Then I get to start reading and see if I like the way it flows. Seduction Book 2! So close I can taste it :)