Thursday, February 20, 2014

Seduction Book 2 Release Date Announcement.......

I thought that you might all like to know that I am DONE the second edit of Seduction Book 2. Hopefully you are happy about it, because I know that I'm pretty darn excited.

But, the big question still remains, doesn't it? Let's all say it in unison, shall we?

"When is it going to be published?"

Before I reveal that closely guarded secret, let me tell you what still has to be accomplished before Seduction Book 2 sees the light of day.

Now that the second edit is done, I need to start reading. And then re-reading until I am so damn sick of my own words that I feel like feeding the hard copy to the dog. Seriously. Then comes the beta readers. I never used beta readers for Temptation and part of me wishes that I had as some of you were quite unhappy with Roan and the fact that Aspen was 16yrs old. All I can say to that is, don't shoot the messenger. I just write, the characters tell me the story.

If you need someone to point your finger at, I guess I'll blame it on Roan. But only because he's the bossy one and gives me a harder time. Aspen is just as guilty as he is but she's cute and smiles more often. But tell me, how can I possibly resist Roan's black, silky words whispered so seductively in my ear?

It's near impossible, I tell you!

Don't tell him though, as his ego is big enough for two Weres, but I must admit that I find Roan kind of irresistible. Sorry :P

But I digress, once my beta readers are done tearing my book to shreds and making me cry, I need to send it off to be formatted and prettied up. While that is going on, I need to write my dedication, author message, a long book description and a short book description.

When I get the book back, I need to make sure that it looks good on Kindle, IPad, IPhone, etc.
And we haven't even talked about blog tours or marketing.

So, *big breath* I am formally announcing that Seduction Book 2 will be published on April 1st, 2014. Yes, I realise that this also happens to be April Fools day, but I assure you, this is no joke. I'm not that cruel ;)


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Devilish eyes and a cocky swagger....

"If this were a face to face conversation, I firmly believe that it would be time to stuff your panties down your throat, bind your arms, and politely explain to you that it is not good protocol for submissive tarts to poke and agitate their Dominants into doing bad things to them."
                                                                            ~Tarrah Betts 2008

Ahh erotica, my first love.

I am thinking of branching out and writing some again. I have several plot outlines floating around in my head and any one of them could be tailored to erotica.

Last week, I actually started writing the first half of a chapter for a character that's been whispering in my ear for quite some time.

Of course, that was just "fun" writing as my primary passion/love/attention is for the Temptation series. I'm in it until Roan and Aspen are done with me.
As of now, I am currently halfway through the second edit. Then I get to start reading and see if I like the way it flows. Seduction Book 2! So close I can taste it :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Your name is but a whisper on my lips......

I wonder what you're doing
imagine where you are
there's oceans in between us
but that's not very far
                ~"Blurry" Puddle of Mudd

   I have had three significant romantic relationships as an adult but only one man has ever had his own "songs" that were firmly attached to him in my mind. One of his songs, "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls is my "I have to turn this song off right now because I am so emotionally uncomfortable" song.
   The song "Blurry" is his too and is particularly sad for me. I have listened to it repeatedly as I go through the second edit of the first few chapters of Seduction Book 2. The mood is apropos for what is going on in the book.
   So, thank you to the Man who left his handprint on my heart for putting me in the right mindset.

Seduction teaser.....

   "The problem was that I let people in and gave myself fully to loving them. And then when they left, they took parts of me away with them.

   It never failed.
   Therefore, I am never whole. I just wander around empty and missing pieces of myself.
   I am crying like a baby, I hope you are happy wherever you are Roan. Because I am not. I am sad and lonely and empty. I am hurting so bad....