Saturday, January 11, 2014

Temptation (Journal of the Wolves of Spruce Hollow) Book 1: Is Roan an asshole?

So, after reading through the reviews for Temptation Book 1(and yes, I do read them), it has come to my attention that Roan has ruffled some feather's out there.

Several readers have called him "stupid" for not telling Aspen the truth about their connection. But I have to say that my favourite comment was from the reader who called him a "slimy douchebag".


That made me laugh :D

I see Roan as more of a deeply conflicted individual than a "slimy douchebag". He's walking a precarious line between taking what's rightfully his and trying to do the right thing by Aspen. He's been involved in her life since she was six years old and is, in many ways, the father figure she never had.

For a young guy in his formative years, those are some pretty big shoes to fill. Hell, most young guys would rather be out driving their car, picking up girls, going to bars, smoking, etc, but not Roan. Oh no, Roan is tame by comparison and is forced to grow up really quickly now that he is responsible for his young mate.

And he does it without complaint of any kind.

He is the only constant presence in Aspen's life and I guess I see Roan as a stand up guy who's just trying to do the best he can with a really shitty situation.

Weres are only supposed to find their mates when both the male and female are mentally, physically, spiritually and sexually ready for everything that a mating bond implies. Roan kind of got the short end of the stick in that respect, don't you think? His life has been thrown into utter turmoil from the moment he laid eyes on young Aspen.

I tend to feel sorry for him more than anything.

Also, I don't fault him for seeking out and maintaining relationships with other women while Aspen grows up. Is that not the exact same thing that other young male Weres would do while they waited for their mate to show up? Wouldn't they go out with other women? Yes, of course they would.

The only difference is that Roan has already found his mate. But unfortunately, Aspen is a mate that he can't have -at least not right now.

So, what's a young, healthy, virile male Were to do with all that pent up sexual frustration and torment? Certainly not visit it upon his 16 yr old mate.

Be kind to Roan, dear readers, he's doing his best ;)