Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tattoo me baby.....

I LOVE tattoos!

Especially on men. There's nothing sexier, in my eyes, than a physically fit guy with tattoos on his arms, chest and back. Be still my tattoo loving heart!

You wouldn't know it from looking at me in my every day girl attire as I look quite innocent and harmless. I'm a regular little Suzie Sunshine, I tell ya ;)

But I will let you in on a little secret....
I have numerous tattoos underneath that clothing.

Half Sleeve on Right Upper Arm

Tattoos are hugely personal and emotional to me. Every single one that I have signifies something deep and significant to me. I got this one after my grandmother died. God, I loved her. I was devastated when she passed away and having this tattoo feels like I have a piece of her that I can carry with me always. 

Tattoo parlours and tattoo artists are funny. They have a culture all their own. When I got this tattoo several years ago, they looked at me like I had 2 heads when I walked through the door because I didn't really look like the tattoo type -at all. I had "newbie" stamped on my forehead, if you will. They even made me pay a substantial down-payment to "hold" my spot. 

I figure it's because they were SURE I would chicken out and not come back as I wanted quite a large piece done for my first time. But I sure showed them, didn't I?

Go big or go home, I say :P

Pain level: 4/10

Anyway, I have a lot of tattoos, even more than my boyfriend. I have street cred :D When I get tattooed now, I am no longer an "outsider", now I'm just one of them.

Lower Back

This was my second tattoo. The dreaded "Tramp Stamp"on my lower back. I rarely think about this tattoo because I rarely see  it. It hurt more than the first one I got, even though it's smaller than the one on my upper arm. I was glad when it was over.

Pain level: 6/10

Right Foot

This is a shot of my horribly swollen foot two days afterwards. 
Can you say OWWWWW? 
Holy, this tattoo hurt like a mother. It was the most painful one I've ever gotten. I was such a wuss that I even broke rule number 2 in the tattoo code too. 

The tattoo code kind of goes like this: 1. "No crying in the tattoo parlour" and 2. "Suck it up wussy. You asked for this, so sit there, shut up and endure the pain". 

Why I chose to get inked on such a notoriously painful spot, I have no idea. I guess I figured it would be a spot that I'd be able to see the tattoo all the time. Anyway, I'm not only a tattoo connoisseur but I'm also a nurse and I slathered my foot in Emla cream and wrapped that puppy up before I went to the tattoo parlour.

It didn't work at all and I was in agony for almost an hour. I've never been so happy to hear someone say "Ok, I think we're done here. Wanna take a look?" I paid fifty bucks for that Emla too. Garbage.

Pain Level: 8.5/10

Right Wrist

"Memento Vivere", it means "Remember to live" in Latin. A maple leaf is in behind. This one was really quick, like 20 or 30 minutes. The pain was similar to the first tattoo.

Pain Level: 4.5/10

You'd think after all this, I'd have gotten used to the whole tattoo experience but nope. The piercing buzz of the tattoo gun still makes my nerve endings come alive and my stomach churn. The adrenaline starts flowing as soon as I hear that first hum. It bothers me so much that I talk to my tattooer incessantly, a la verbal diarrhea, or I bring earbuds and listen to music.

Tell me about your tattoos!