Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Love to hate in just three easy steps.....

Love is a fickle thing, isn't it?

One minute you love someone and the next you don't. It's sort of like a water tap. Except, those move freely. You can turn a tap on or off whenever you want. With love, it's either in the "ON" position or it's "OFF" and there's very little play between the two. Once love's been forced into the "off" position, it generally stays there.

Like welded shut.

I say "forced" into the off position because people don't just fall out of love without reason, there's always a catalyst involved. And that catalyst usually brings about changes in the connection that you feel with another person.

More often than not, the catalyst involves a lie of sorts.

A lie can take on may forms. You can lie about your feelings or lie about your intentions and both are just as damning and destructive as the next within the confines of a relationship.

This is what has taken place between Roan and Aspen, dear readers.

A lie (or several!) has severed the trust in their relationship. Roan's subsequent (and rather hasty, I might add) departure from Spruce Hollow has left Aspen with nothing but the sound of her own tears to comfort her.

Poor girl, she's loved Roan for the majority of her young life. How will his deception affect her as she grows up? And will Roan's betrayal also extinguish the deeper emotional connection between the two of them?