Monday, January 20, 2014

I am suffering from Reardonitis.....

Okay, so I have spoken of my fan girl love for Stuart Reardon here on the Fifth Circle of Hell before.

And what's not to love?

Sexy. Dark. Brooding. Intense. He's all my favourite adjectives and more ;)
I think I might have even heard somewhere that he's had his name legally changed to Stuart "Hot Stuff" Reardon.

Of course, I possibly could have heard that coming from inside my own head...but that doesn't make it any less true, people!

When I first saw Stu online, I was so struck by him and his unbelievable hotness that I immediately had a plot outline for a new book form in my head. And I am dying to write this book, let me tell you. But it will have to be based on the very first impression that I had of the beautiful Mr. Reardon. I say my "very first" impression because joining his Facebook page and getting to know more of the man behind the scorchingly hot pictures has completely obliterated the initial reaction that I had to him.

Like smashed it all to hell.

I hate to break it to you guys, but Stuart Reardon's an adorable sweetheart. I know, I know, it's hard to believe when all you can see is this burned into the backs of your eyeballs:

Oh, Mylanta! That is one fine man!

But, it's true. He's sweet and appears to be kind of shy too. Of course, my mother always told me that the shy ones were the bad ones. You know, the ones that you had to look out for because they were bad behind closed doors. 
Thanks for the head's up, Mom!
But I digress, Stu seems like a really kind hearted guy -who incidentally also happens to be quite funny and also entertaining with his wild hair, Grizzly Adams beard and goofy antics. And you know how I love a guy who can make me laugh :)

I think he's quite good to his fans too as they do a lot of giveaways on his Facebook page, like signed calendars and photos. But my favourite part of his Facebook page has to be when he posts selfies, which I completely love, and videos too. 
And the accent? Oh be still my wildly beating heart! 
Why are North Americans so enthralled by British accents? I have no idea but listening to him makes me want to rip my clothes off and melt into a puddle at his feet.

Anyway, Stu's awesome and you can find out more about him here and don't forget to "Like" his Facebook page! 

I know it's unladylike but I just want to drool like a gaped mouth, slack jawed imbecile whenever I look at him. Wow, he's attractive. And it's not just the hard body, although that is pretty darn spectacular too. It's his beautiful face.

*Sigh* Beautiful boy, you have stolen my heart!