Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I can't bear to look.....

I now understand it when actors say things like "I don't like to watch my work", when asked "which performance, movie, play, commercial, etc are you most proud of?"

The fact that I am a writer is largely unknown by my family and even kept more tightly guarded from my friends. I'm not sure what it is they think I do all day, but it involves two laptops, an iPad, and iPhone and occasionally a desktop PC.

I shit you not.

I'm sure that it would be far less cumbersome for me to write on a typewriter, than to cart my menagerie around.

Anyway, back to actors and their work...

Someone near and dear to me recently purchased my book on Amazon, via their cell phone, while we were together one day and I must say that being in the same room with them while they started to read it was akin to torture, for me. Talk about feeling naked and exposed. There was no buffer between us, no vast oceans or anonymity of the internet. It was me, them and the book.

So, yeah, I understand you now, all you actors out there. But I would like to amend your statement for writers:  "I don't like to watch OTHERS reading my work"

It's horribly uncomfortable :P