Monday, December 30, 2013

Wanna join my gym?

New Year's Eve is just around the corner! 

I feel badly this year because I haven't set out any New Year's resolutions, so I decided to take to the Internet and I think I found the perfect one for me:

Happy New Year Everyone!!


Searching for Roan....

Alright, so I've been writing all day and I need a break because Roan is giving me a freaking headache.
Wait until you see what he does to poor Aspen in Seduction (Journal of the Wolves of Spruce Hollow) Book 2. Sometimes I don't know if I want to strangle him or make him my new book boyfriend.
He such a dominant control freak, but he's a smoking hot, dominant control freak ;)

He's hard on the head, that man.  

I've been scouring the Internet for pictures of male models. I'm looking for Roan but so far I have not found him. It's easy finding the right body type: tall, muscular and lean, as almost every single one of them fall into that category. But finding the right combination of hair, eyes, face and "overall look" is proving harder than I'd originally thought.  

The search continues!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Chris Martin, come to my house and sing to me...please?

Writing and music go together like a warm bath and wrinkly toes. It just fits.

I would say that 80-85% of the time, I'm listening to music when writing. Even if it's only on quietly in the background, the right music can put you in the right creative mindset.

In addition to American Top 40 type pop music that I  regularly listen to, here is my special writing music that never fails to get me in the mood:

Angry Music
1. Bodies (Let the bodies hit the floor)~ Drowning Pool
 I challenge you to listen to this song and not feel like you're a ten foot tall, ass kicking mutherf@cker.
2. Break stuff~ Limp Biscuit

Angsty Music
1. Going under~ Evanescence
2. In the End~ Linkin Park

Sad music- my favourite kind to write to ;)
1. The Scientist~ Coldplay 
2. Violet Hill~ Coldplay "I took my love down to violet hil, there we sat in the snow. All that time, she was silent still. If you love me, won't you let me know" So beautiful, I could almost cry. 
3. Yellow~ Coldplay "..for you I bleed myself dry.."
4. Fix You~ Coldplay
5. The Hardest Part~ Coldplay

Friday, December 27, 2013

The best part of waking up....

Isn't Folgers in my cup.

Oh no, it's much better than that.
The best part of waking up is waking up to a 5 star review on!

Thank you, thank you, thank you dear reader!
You have made my day :)

It's amazing how 5 star reviews will make you fire up the Macbook and start typing out the next book faster.

It's kind of like Pavlov's dog :D

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

All I want for Christmas is you......

I hope everyone had as wonderful a Christmas as I did! Mine was filled with good food, much loved family and thoughtful gifts. I couldn't have asked for more!

After a few days hiatus, I will be back to work; writing, editing and then finishing up the final few chapters of Seduction (Journal of the Wolves of Spruce Hollow) Book 2.

I can't wait for you to see what happens between Roan and Aspen!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Stripping naked....

You know, I hate change.

Like most people, I'm a creature of habit and therefore, I like to eat the same foods (rice and steamed vegetables, fish or spaghetti...literally every single day. It's sad really). I watch the same three tv shows every week (The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Reign. I've also watched every single season of Survivor. Other than that, I rarely ever watch tv; I'd rather read a book) I have a favourite pair of pajama pants (pink and yellow striped, fuzzy, from Old Navy) and I wear them to death.

I'm the poster child for sameness.

I also hate it when people change their blog templates, like I did today.

But seriously guys, the purple flowery thing was starting to slowly kill me, from the inside out. I just couldn't take it any more.  I'd previously had the same blog template for almost ten years and it was dark and brooding...kind of like the content.

So, when I deleted access to my archives and started *this* new Fifth Circle of Hell, I figured that I'd add in a shiny new blog template to cement the change.

Yeah, I know.
Go ahead, you can say it. I can take it.

"It was hideous"

Yes, you're right, of course. It was god awful.

I'm trying this one on for size. Hopefully it's a better fit ;)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Temptation...of a far more tangible variety

I should be working. I have a book to finish.

But Dirty Dancing is on. And It's a Wonderful Life. And I have a can of Pepsi and a bowl full of homemade Bits and Bites siting in my lap. They're calling to me. "Eat me," they whisper darkly in my ear.

And...and...and "No one puts Baby in a corner".

What mere mortal can resist such temptation?

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Erotica on the brain.....

That "never in the OFF position" brain of mine has been thinking.

About Erotica. 

You see, I just so happen to have an extensive backlog of Erotica that I've written and I am contemplating putting it all together and publishing it. 

However, that would only be after I finish Seduction (Journal of the Wolves of Spruce) Book 2, of course.

Pinky swear ;)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Seduction (Journal of the Wolves of Spruce Hollow) Book 2 Teaser


The name cut right through me like a knife in the gut. It bled me out and spilled my entrails on the ground. But, I supposed the pain was better than the overwhelming, soul-searing rage I’d felt when he’d suddenly dropped everything that he’d had in Spruce Hollow and enlisted in the military.

The pain of his betrayal wasn’t as sharp five years later but I still carried it with me wherever I went. No matter how many ways I looked at it and how many excuses I’d made for him over the years, the truth always came back and stared me right in the face: Roan had abandoned us." 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I need your feedback!

"Cause if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it" ~ Beyonce

Ah, yes have truer words ever been written?

I urge you, dear reader, if you have read and enjoyed my book, please go to my Amazon page and say so. I currently have reviews scattered throughout various literary pages on the interweb but only one rating on my actual Amazon product page.

Let me know what you thought! Did you love the Roan and Aspen? Hate them? Maybe you can't wait to read and find out what happens next?

Let me know!

I'm listening ;)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cover art!

I am hard at work on book two of Journal of the Wolves of Spruce Hollow and thought I would give you a little sneak peek at the cover art!

Seduction is scheduled for release in early 2014!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.....

We are in the midst of a Nor'easter here on the East Coast and I am loving it! The logs are burning in the fireplace, the lights on the Christmas tree are shining bright and I am editing Chapter 4 of Seduction (Journal of the Wolves of Spruce Hollow, Book 2)

Bring on the snow!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

My secret boyfriend.....

I have discovered my new secret boyfriend, his name is Stuart Reardon and he is delicious. I want to lick honey off his unbelievably hot abs.

Sorry Bruno Mars, but you've been replaced. I know you sing like a gravely smooth, dark angel from heaven but my new boyfriend is, well just look at him. I'm powerless against his steely, dark, brooding hotness. What girl could resist?

No one.

Unless, she was comatose, of course.
And even then, it'd be like 50/50 at best ;)

Don't feel bad Bruno, it's not you, it's me.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I can't bear to look.....

I now understand it when actors say things like "I don't like to watch my work", when asked "which performance, movie, play, commercial, etc are you most proud of?"

The fact that I am a writer is largely unknown by my family and even kept more tightly guarded from my friends. I'm not sure what it is they think I do all day, but it involves two laptops, an iPad, and iPhone and occasionally a desktop PC.

I shit you not.

I'm sure that it would be far less cumbersome for me to write on a typewriter, than to cart my menagerie around.

Anyway, back to actors and their work...

Someone near and dear to me recently purchased my book on Amazon, via their cell phone, while we were together one day and I must say that being in the same room with them while they started to read it was akin to torture, for me. Talk about feeling naked and exposed. There was no buffer between us, no vast oceans or anonymity of the internet. It was me, them and the book.

So, yeah, I understand you now, all you actors out there. But I would like to amend your statement for writers:  "I don't like to watch OTHERS reading my work"

It's horribly uncomfortable :P

Monday, December 9, 2013

Seduction is coming!

I just finished watching The Lucky One for the second time and damn Zac Efron and his hotness.

Such physical perfection must be an enormous burden ;)

I've been away from the laptop for the past three days and my fingers are itching to pick up where Roan and Aspen left off. I still can't believe that he left Spruce Hollow, can you? How could he do that to Aspen, he's her mate for cripes sakes! Poor Aspen, she must be a tangle of confusion and betrayal right about now.

Don't worry, we'll get it all sorted out in Seduction (Journal of the Wolves of Spruce Hollow) Book 2

It's coming in early 2014!

Be ready!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

OMG, I write PORN?????

I was discussing my book, Temptation, with a close family member and they joked that I now write "Mommy Porn".

Omg, really? For real and for true?


I'm going to change my pen name to "Porn Auteur". And yes, that is an Ernest Cline reference.

For those of you who've never hear of Ernest Cline, go check out his spoken word stuff here.
It's hilarity that only true kindred spirits will be able to appreciate.

So, yeah, apparently I write porn.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Arsenic Writer

You know, I like making people happy.

I am generally a people pleaser.

I want you to like me and I want you to like my blog. But if the reason you like my blog is because I am posting as some fake version of myself or trying to please you as opposed to writing the truth, well it just seems useless and counterproductive to me.

When I censor what I write, then I am not being myself. I would be posting as a filtered and watered down version of me.

Back when I started writing the Fifth Circle of Hell in 2003, I soon crumbled under the pressure of trying to please everyone and I eventually left my blog and writing all together. I couldn't take the pressure of trying to keep my readers happy all the time. By the time I left in May 2004, I was absolutely fried. I fell victim to the "Read my blog and LOVE ME" curse.

See, all blogs start out in much the same way. Someone who has something to say and who needs an outlet to say it in. 

But, something funny happens along this blogging journey that changes EVERYTHING and I've been around long enough to see it happen time and again.

It goes a little something like this.....

1. You decide to start a blog.

2. You spend forever trying to come up with a clever title and countless hours tweaking the template, pictures, sidebar, etc, etc, etc.

3. You write your first post.

4. You put a blogcounter into the template....I mean, wouldn't it be interesting to see if anyone actually reads this piece of literary genius?

5. You write some more.

6. You get your first hit on your, somebody ACTUALLY found your little slice of the blogiverse and *possibly* stayed and read what you had to say.

7. You write some more.

8. You get a few more hits.

9. You continue on in this little dance, until one day your blogcounter reaches 1000...a small milestone in blogging.

10. Soon, you get your first comment (wow, you've really arrived on the scene when somebody bothers to comment on what you've written).

And it just kind of snowballs from there...more writing, more hits, more comments..then the emails start.  Complete strangers actually care enough about what you write to email you and say so. 

Readers then start sending their pics and helpful comments...and then there are inevitably the stalkers. You know, the ones who send you poetry and say they want to "take care of you".

And all because of your blog, your writing, your thoughts and feelings.

But then comes that fateful day when you get your first unfavourable comment....and it doesn't feel so good anymore. As a matter of fact, it feels downright terrible.

"What can I do to fix this? What can I do to make them love me again?"

Well, what usually happens is that the writer censors their thoughts and writes what they think their readers would be most happy reading about. They write to keep the readers happy instead of writing to keep themselves happy.

I know, I have fallen prey to this trap before...and it wore me out. Trying to keep others happy is an arduous and thankless task. I have felt the pressure to be what "They" wanted me to be.

Soon blogging isn't fun anymore. It's stressful and a burden.

AND so,

The only solution is to be yourself. 


When you start writing for anyone other than yourself, you are already on your way down the rabbit hole and lord only knows where you'll end up.

Sure, there will be readers out there who don't like you or the things you have to say. But you could be Mother Theresa and someone out there, somewhere, would hate your blog.

I am Tarrah.

And this is my blog.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I am geek....Hear me ROAR!!

My name is Tarrah and I am a geek.

God, that sounds like the introduction to a 12 step program :P

Be that as it may, as most of you probably don't know, I am kind of a geek. I know, it's sort of shocking, isn't it? Paranormal romance writers are supposed to be all suave and slinky and stuff ;)


I am many, many things...Inamorata, Muse, Pixie, Deviant, Aphrodite, Charmer.....but also a geek.

I enjoy cerebral humour, Star Wars, the original DrangonLance Books, astronomy and sitting around discussing IDEAS. I have read comic books, poured over Wizard and Toyfare magazine, been a member of the high school debate club, took enriched English, graduated from high school with honours and was a Science major in university.

I am a geek.

I like video games, Voltron, Robotech and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I am at ease with other geeks and can talk at length about plots of sci fi movies, science, conspiracy theories.

Was the moon landing a hoax?


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Welcome Home

I've archived all my former content and have decided to use this, my long time anonymous blog, as my personal blog.

I know, the guts, the daring to perform such a feat.

Simply amazing!

For all those who are new to the party, let me get you up to speed: The Fifth Circle of Hell was started by me about 11 years ago. The blog quickly became popular due to it's "in your face"and "telling it like it is" portrayals of relationships, love and sex.

Yeah, there weren't a whole lot of blogs back then, so it was pretty exciting stuff.

Anyway, I eventually became burnt out due to constant pressure and demand for MORE content and ended up setting fire to the archives, fleeing the kingdom and taking a nice long rest.

That is, until I decided that it was finally time to return and was royally ticked off to find out that someone (yeah, I know it was YOU) had stolen my url and was using it to sell anal porn videos.

True story.

No, really, I'm being serious.

After about three years, the anal porn video business was winding down, apparently, as the culprit gave up my blog name and I snatched it right back.


The Fifth Circle of Hell was once again mine!